story of history

This chronicle recounts dynabook's history.

The dynabook was the world's first laptop PC.*

But what does that mean?

During the last three decades, our laptops have made history and will continue to do so as we continue to pioneer mobile computing.

When we began developing laptops, Alan Kay’s dynabook was what we had in mind. Mr. Kay, sometimes referred to as the father of the personal computer and came up with the dynabook concept as a learning tool more advanced than a traditional book. For centuries, the book has served as a portable wealth of knowledge that anyone can grab and learn about a subject. And now we want the dynabook to transcend the book and become a medium for more dynamic learning and thought.

Since we took up Alan Kay's dynabook vision and introduced the world’s first laptop PC* in 1985, we have always thought of the personal computer as not merely a computing machine, but rather an intelligent tool for learning.

As a personal computer that is more than the book, it makes people's intellectual life better in a dynamic design. That's a philosophy we always follow.

In 1875, Hisashige Tanaka, one of the Toshiba founders, set up shop in Tokyo's Ginza district when he put up a sign that invited people to share any mechanical ideas they may have. Toshiba went on to develop Japan's first electric iron, electric washing machine, electric vacuum cleaner and automatic electric cooking pot, among other household appliances to eliminate the drudgery of housework.

Toshiba also developed the word processor, a tool that helped Japanese businesspeople keep pace with the rest of the world. Without the invention converting Japanese kana into kanji with the keyboard would have left out millions of people out of the wave of digitalization.

Toshiba applied the same approach in 1985, when the company used this same mind set when it introduced the world to the laptop PC. The aspiration was to deliver a everyone their very own portable computer to broaden each individual's potential.

Moving forward, we will keep pursuing the dynabook dream. We shall continue envisioning what makes a personal computer truly the most important tool in a person's life. That can support you and your future, your dreams and your passion.

We have a singular mindset: to continue providing you with a tool that allows you to be better, whether in your job, your studies or your daily life.

The story of dynabook's history is about figuring out what makes you and discovering your story.

* The T1100, the world's first laptop PC, was commercialized in 1985