story of quality

The PC is an essential part of your life.

Whether it’s for your job, your studies or your entertainment, it’s essential that your PC is always ready and available to tackle the day with you.
At dynabook, it’s our mission to deliver the highest levels of quality and reliability so you and your PC never skip a beat.

Some believe that all PCs are built with the same standard components and are essentially the same regardless of the manufacturer. This is not the case with dynabook. We not only design in innovative features, we also design in quality and reliability into every product.
The level of quality management is high throughout our process, from component selection to quality assessments in the design phase to quality control in the production phase.
This is from over 30 years of knowledge, experience and the meticulous management systems throughout our factories.
We pride ourselves in the quality and reliability that we deliver to you with dynabook.

One of our many tools for quality management is our simulation technology which we built from a massive database of data and knowledge we've gathered over the years. As an example, we simulate how electrical currents flow and what happens when power is applied to predict which components will have to withstand the load the best. We can then anticipate the unwanted effects on those components.

Another tool we use is the Highly Accelerated Life Test (HALT) machine. This device can subject a PC to several years' worth of stress in only a few weeks. The results help us to determine how to prevent the unwanted effects that may arise after years of use.*

The hard disk drive is another standard component where we have applied our proprietary technology. If a PC is suddenly moved while the read-and-write head is operating, it can scratch the surface of the disk, potentially damaging data on the hard disk drive. To prevent that from happening, the dynabook has acceleration sensors that react to impacts occurring from any direction.
In addition, to prevent any direct effect on the hard disk the area around the hard disk has shock-absorbing cushions. Using our simulation technology, we determine the best placement for these cushions. *

If a dynabook owner does happen to have a problem with their PC, we can respond with a call center and repair center we run entirely ourselves. In other words, these operations are not outsourced. That means we can resolve your issues quickly. And we do that because we always want to provide support for our customers. By taking responsibility for everything, from design and production to support services, we raise the quality of our customer support. For example, at times we can trace the root of an issue all the way back upstream to the design phase. Every one of our support personnel is strongly motivated to solve our users' problems promptly. It was thanks to our dedicated support staff that we were able to quickly establish our remote support service, which connects to your computer via the internet so that we can provide support both over the telephone and on your screen.

For customers whose PC is essential to their job, studies or daily life,
we want the dynabook to be a more central part of their lives,
and to be a PC that gives you better support, always.
The story of dynabook quality is a tale of supporting something personal and new.

* dynabook does not guarantee complete prevention of damage or failures.