story of sound

This story begins with a concept of sound.

In 2000, the PC was still primarily used as a tool for increasing workplace productivity. When users started using PCs more for listening to music on CDs, they only did it with desktop computers.

Most of the speakers installed in notebooks still produced sound in mono, so there were only a few equipped with stereo speakers. Our engineers were inspired by a desire to make notebook PC speakers that don't sound tinny, that make you feel the beat.

That aspiration to make a notebook that produces good, beautiful sounds led to our joint development project with Harman International, owner of renowned global audio brand Harman Kardon®, to create a dedicated speaker unit and speaker box. The result was the Harman Kardon® Stereo Speakers in the dynabook G3, which launched in October 2001.

Simply installing the speaker unit and speaker box does not guarantee an incredible listening experience. You also have to provide channels for air to flow in the confined space of the notebook PC so as to bring out the speaker components' full potential. Without that engineering, it can't happen.

The keys to designing within a notebook's limited space is to make as many open areas as possible, allow air and sound to flow smoothly and uninhibited, and to prevent vibrations out of the speakers from having a negative effect on the surrounding components.

We take great care to consider where to place screws, how to lay the wiring and even what angle we should set the speakers at. For some models, we'll even redesign the size or shape of the motherboard to ensure great sound quality.

Over the years, the dynabook has won accolades due to knowledge and innovations its has amassed over the years, as well as the speakers from reputable brands like Harman Kardon® we've equipped our notebooks.

The dynabook T-Series released in January 2018 is fitted with four two-way speakers. Each side of the chassis holds a pair of two-way speakers for producing treble and bass. This design is a step up for dynabook speakers, which already had an established reputation for producing high frequencies without cracking. Users can enjoy savoring powerful bass and clear treble.

These days, we don’t make notebooks just for listening to music. Users need this excellent sound quality for all kinds of situations: watching videos online, making video calls or videoconferencing on the PC.

We want the dynabook to be a learning tool that transcends the book and because a truly "personal" computer.. The story of the dynabook's technology shows the full potential of the PC and the team of passionate engineers responsible for creating a notebooks with the best sound capabilities possible.

The story is a tale of creating something personal and new. If we can help do that, then we have reached our goal.