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Company Outline

Trade Name Dynabook Inc.
Business Description
  • The development, manufacture, sales, support and servicing of personal computers and system solutions products in Japan and overseas
Capital 17.16 billion yen
Head Office NBF Toyosu Garden Front Bldg. Toyosu 5-6-15, Koto-ku, Tokyo
Head Office Map)(List of Offices and Sites
Representatives Yoshihisa Ishida, Representative Director, Chairman (part-time)
Kiyofumi Kakudo, Representative Director, President & CEO
Established September 9, 1954
Changes to the current organization April 1, 2016
Number of employees 2,400 (as at April 1, 2017, consolidated base)
Annual sales 167.3 billion yen (as at fiscal 2017, consolidated base)
Board Members Yoshihisa Ishida, Representative Director, Chairman (part-time)
Kiyofumi Kakudo, Representative Director, President & CEO
Ikuaki Takayama, Director, Executive Vice President
Fujikazu Nakayama, Director (part-time)
Tadao Yanase, Director (part-time)
Kenji Tsukahara, Auditor
Akihiko Kishi, Auditor (part-time)
Jimmy Chiu, Auditor (part-time)
Tadahiro Nagashima, Senior Vice President, Responsible for Sales, Production & Procurement
Takeshi Kageyama, Senior Vice President, Vice President of Japan Operations Div., General Manager of Japan Marketing Div.
Motoi Yokoyama, Vice President, Responsible for Finance & Accounting, General Manager of Finance & Accounting Div., CFO
Kazuhiko Kashiwagi, Vice President, Responsible for Technology, Quality & New Business Development
Minoru Kosugi, Vice President, Responsible for Domestic B2C Business
Shingo Kashiwada, Vice President, General Manager of Service Support Div.
Shigehiro Hirama, Vice President, General Manager of Human Resources & Administration Div., General Manager of Export Div.
Norimasa Nakamura, Vice President, Vice President of PC Div.
(Changes to the current system made on 1 April 2019)
Organization dynabookとITソリューション「東芝クライアントソリューション(株)組織図」
(Updated May 2019)
Affiliated Company Dynabook TAMA information equipments Co.,Ltd.


September 1954 Established through a joint investment between Kawasaki Aircrfaft Industries and Iwaki Cement
Company name: Kawasaki Typewriter Co., Ltd.
May 1958 Tokyo Shibaura Electric Co., Ltd. (Toshiba Corporation today) acquires all shares in the company
Company name changed to Toshiba Typewriter Co., Ltd.
June 1961 Transfer of Head Office to Ginza Nishi 3-1, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
August 1966 Control of the Manufacturing Division transferred to Toshiba
April 1968 Company name changed to Toshiba Business Machines Company
December 1975 Transfer of Head Office to Toshiba Hamamatsu-cho Building, Shibaura1-1-43, Minato-ku, Tokyo
January 1977 Establishment of Toshiba Business Computers Company
October 1984 Merger with Toshiba Business Computers Company
Company name changed to Toshiba Information Systems Corporation
Head Office: Mita1-4-28, Minato-ku, Tokyo
April 1995 Transfer of Head Office to Higashi Shinagawa 4-10-27, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
October 2005 Control of the Document Solutions business to Toshiba Tec Solution Services Corporation
April 2007 Control of the PC Sales and Maintenance business to Toshiba Personal Computer System Corporation
October 2007 Transfer of Head Office to the present location
October 2011 Merger with Toshiba Information Equipment Business Supplies Co., Ltd.
April 2014 The Systems Solutions business sold to Toshiba Solutions Sales Corporation
April 2016 The PC-related businesses transferred from Toshiba Corporation
Company name changed to Toshiba Client Solutions Co., Ltd.
October 2018 80.1% of issued shares transferred to Sharp Corporation and Toshiba comes under the umbrella of the Sharp Group
January 2019 Company name changed to Dynabook Inc.

Certification Marks

ISO 14001 (Registered 20 November 2002)

ISO/IEC 27001 (Registered 22 July 2005)


Construction Industry (Telecommunications construction business, Electrical construction business)
Permit Number: Land and Transport Minister (General - 28) No. 16671

Second hand dealer license - Tokyo Metropolitan Public Safety Commission
License number: 301066601726


(Listed in alphabetical order)

  • Fuji Xerox Company - Authorized Systems Partner
  • Hewlett-Packard Japan Company - Business Partner
  • HP Development Company, LP - Business Partner
  • Microsoft Japan Company, Limited - Authorized Partner
  • TrendMicro Incorporated - Certified Solutions Partner - Gold