Mitigation of Global Warming
- Introducing Renewable Energy -

We are working on the use of renewable energy* at business sites as a measure to prevent global warming.

*Renewable energy means energy generated from natural sources, such as hydropower, wind power and solar energy.

Introduction of Solar Power Generation System and Solar LED lights (China)

Dynabook Technology (Hangzhou) Inc., which manufactures PCs, has installed a solar power generation system consisting of solar panels and other equipment on the roof to power the LED lights in the aisles of the office building.
In addition, the lights in this site are switched to solar LED lights, and the LED lights are turned on at nighttime using electricity generated and charged by solar power during the daytime.

  • Solar panels installed on the rooftopIntroduction of Solar Power Generation System

    Solar Power Generation System

  • Dynabook Technology (Hangzhou) Inc.

    Solar LED light