Environmental Report

Environmental Report

We publish environmental related reports of our manufacturing sites. We explain to stakeholders our global operations that aim to secure a sustainable society, and seek to promote interactive communication that will help us to improve future activities.

・Dynabook Environmental Report 2023 (Published in September, 2023)(1.98MB)

About Dynabook Environmental Report 2023

Approach to Information Disclosure

Dynabook uses the “Dynabook Environmental Report2023” as a tool to disclose information about our environmental initiatives.

Reporting Period

From April 2022 to March 2023

Scope of Reporting

Two sites of Dynabook Inc. in Japan and manufacturing site in China.
*Referenced guideline
 “Environmental Reporting Guidelines 2018” Ministry of the Environment

Schedule for Next Issue

September 2024

Dynabook Technology (Hangzhou) Inc. CSR Report

For initiatives at our manufacturing sites in China, please refer to the CSR Report below.

・CSR Report 2023 (Published in September, 2023)(4.18MB)

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