Design for Recycling

Reduction of the Number of Parts

Claws to fix cables

Reduction of the number of parts makes disassembly easier and contributes to promotion of recycling.
The reduction of the number of printed circuit boards (PCBs) and the number of connections between PCBs with cables promotes easier disassembly of PCs. In addition, tapes and bands to hold internal cabling are eliminated, and several claws are used instead, again to decrease the number of parts and make disassembly of PC easier.

Ease of Recycling of Plastic Materials

Case surface without coating

If the same plastic is used as much as possible in a product, sorting materials during recycling is made easier. Even so, it is difficult to distinguish plastic materials visually, so we make recycling even easier by indicating material names, following the Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS).

In addition, to maintain uniformity of design and surfaces, some cases are coated. However, from the viewpoint of plastic recycling, no coating at all is better for material collection. We are responding to this by developing a PC case with a ridged surface that has no coating.