Environmental Policy

We have established Environmental Basic Policy.

Dynabook Inc. Environmental Basic Policy

Dynabook Inc. uses advanced digital technology to establish a leading and trusted position with future generations. We treat development, design, production and sales of notebook PCs, Tablets and Client Solution Business as critical stages in delivering products that are remarkable for innovation and contribute to a more productive lifestyle for our customers. We deliver these cutting-edge products and services with a strong concern for environmental stewardship by balancing new rich values delivered by our products with environmental impacts. By promoting product and service planning in different parts of the world, we make the best use of the characteristic in each region. And based firmly on the recognition that it is our responsibility to maintain the health of the planet as an irreplaceable asset for future generations, we contribute to the development of a sustainable society by promoting activities designed to realize a world that is low in carbon emissions, recycling based, cautious in use of chemical substances, conservative in use of resources and environmentally harmonious.

Promotion of Environmental Management

  1. We consider environmental stewardship to be one of management's primary responsibilities, promoting environmental activities in harmony with economic activities.
  2. We have a global environmental management system covering all regions where we carry out business activities, and we provide direction and support to domestic and overseas group companies: We promote environmental management throughout Dynabook Inc. group.
  3. We comply with all applicable laws and regulations, industry guidelines that we have endorsed, and our own standards concerning the environment.
  4. We assess the impacts of our business operations, products and services on the environment, including impact to biodiversity, and we specify objectives and targets with respect to the reduction of environmental impacts, including the prevention of pollution.
  5. We strive to continuously improve environmental management through internal audits and reviews of activities.
  6. We enhance environmental awareness of all our business associates and employees through environmental activities and their participation in environmental training and educational activities.

Providing environmentally conscious products and services and reducing their environmental impact through business activities

  1. To conserve limited natural resources, we have a positive environmental approach supporting the efficient use of both products and business processes.
  2. To provide environmentally conscious products and services throughout their lifecycle, we focus on environmentally conscious design, such as energy-saving design, recourse-saving design, design for recycling, and reduction or elimination of specific chemical substances by design.
  3. In all phases of the business process including design, procurement, manufacturing, logistics, sale and disposal, we reduce the environmental impact, specifically in prevention of global warming, efficient utilization of recourses and control of chemical substances.

As a corporate citizen of planet Earth

  1. We contribute to society through our environmental activities, which include the development and provision of excellent, environmentally conscious technologies, processes and products in cooperation with society at large and with our local communities.
  2. To facilitate mutual understanding with stakeholders, we deliver our environmental messages and disclose our information by environmental publications, promotional or advertising activities and through environmental events and volunteer activities.