Environmental Action Plan

Environmental Action Plan

We formulate environmental action plans and manage specific environmental activities and their targets in accordance with these plans.

FY2022 Result and FY2023 Plan

FY2022 Result and FY2023 Plan
Metric Unit FY2022 FY2023
Target Result Evaluation
Mitigation of climate change Total greenhouse gas emissions from business sites t-CO2 8,207 7,459 7,200
Total greenhouse gas emissions from product logistics basic unit*2 kg-CO2eq/t-km 0.60
Under compilation
Under compilation
Efficient use of resources Total volume of waste generated t 1,748 1,254 1,167
Amount of water received m3 59,100 55,884 52,404
Management of chemicals Total emissions of chemical discharged t 0.11 0.07 0.11

*1 Evaluation: ○ achieved, ● not achieved
*2 Targets are set at a 1% reduction per annum on 2020 actuals, expressed in terms of traffic volume (t-km) basic unit.