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Kiyofumi Kakudou, President and Executive Chairman
Kiyofumi Kakudo,
Representative Director, President & CEO

Dynabook Inc.

In 1985 Dynabook Inc. launched the T1100, the world’s first laptop computer. This was followed by the release, in 1989, of the world’s first*1 notebook PC, the DynaBook J-3100 SS001. These two products represent the origin of the notebook computer as we know it today. Dynabook has continued to develop products and services that reflect people’s needs and represent enhanced functionality, underpinned by our technological expertise and our commitment to quality and outstanding products. Dynabook, as a member of the Sharp Group, will continue to provide and add value through “evolution,” “integration” and “proposals.” From January 1, 2019, we are making a new start under the banner Dynabook Inc. which will reflect our achievements to date while exploring future possibilities.

Dynabook’s Vision

Changing the world through computing and services
(dynabook as a Computing × dynabook as a Service)

Dynabook not only has a new name but a new vision under the banner (dynabook as a Computing × dynabook as a Service). Our focus will be “The fusion of hardware (dynabook as a Computing) and services (dynabook as a Service)” together with “True computing that reflects real needs and that supports communities” and “New added value and services developed from the user’s standpoint” as a new strategy underpinning further technological enhancement and the global development of the business. With this new commitment, Dynabook Inc. is stepping up to the next challenge to propose product and services that will deliver enhanced quality to communities and individuals.

We look forward to and appreciate your continued support.

(*1: An A4 sized Notebook PC, based on Dynabook research)